Caffeine in Teas

Recently, a customer enquired whether we carry decaffeinated tea. The short answer is that Herbal Republic chooses not to sell decaffeinated tea. Explaining why we have taken that decision will allow us to share some information about tea that can lead to a better cup—one that best serves both your tastes and health. Obviously, caffeine […]

Packaging Matters

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about plastics in teabags. As this story by the BBC illustrates, a lot of bags are made of plastic. This includes the very popular pyramid tea bags which are made of a polylactic silky fabric. This is an issue that we have been grappling with for the […]

Does Water Quality Matter

There is a question exactly as old as tea itself that has been (especially now) subjected to intensive debate among tea drinkers and enthusiasts. That question, and also the subject of today’s article, is whether water quality matters to the tea drinking experience, and whether bottled water should be used for brewing tea. In short, […]

Glenburn Estate Darjeeling

  Last month, we published a newsletter and blog post suggesting 3 unique and creative ways to sweeten your cup of tea, besides using plain old sugar or harmful artificial sweeteners. This month, we wanted to suggest a tea that serves as the perfect canvas to which sweeteners can be added in order to achieve […]

3 Unique Ways to Sweeten your Tea

    While drinking tea on its own is easily the healthiest way to take your daily cup, sometimes we just have to give in to our sweet tooth. In this article, we will be exploring 3 unique ways to sweeten your cup of tea without having to resort to plain old sugar or harmful […]

Peach Apricot

      Now that we are in the peak in summer, it is a great time to explore our sweet tooth. On warm summer nights, sipping away at a chilled glass of a fruity tea with good company and maybe a campfire can help us relax and bring people together. A great tea for […]