Mokka Rooibos


Especially with the summer months coming around, our minds begin to wander towards walks on the beaches with the sand between our toes, and hikes through the woods with the gentle breeze in our hair. Our lives indoors quickly seem to become monotonous and lugubrious compared to the astounding beauty of the natural world outside of the window. At this time of year the need to treat ourselves and to indulge in life’s many pleasures becomes more apparent. We search to make being stuck indoors as hospitable as it can possibly be when compared to the summer paradise just outside. We can attempt to accomplish this in a myriad of ways; buying plants to put on our desk at work or around our homes, getting more exercise and eating a healthier diet, or indulging in sweets and so called “junk food” to help us feel more relaxed. The latter is without a doubt the worst culprit of the bunch, the others being more or less constructive when properly integrated into an overall healthy lifestyle. When we feel constrained or tightly wound we naturally have the urge to release our stress through consuming high-fat and high-sugar foods and beverages. Our evolutionary urge to do this, however innate, can cause very serious health issues over the long run; including many lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Understanding that with the arrival of summer many feel cooped up at work or school and feel the urge to indulge themselves a little more than normal, we have offered a tea designed to satisfy the desire for indulgence while enhancing, rather than harming health. Because we believe that healthy lifestyles are happy lifestyles, we offer our Mokka Rooibos to our customers who want to indulge themselves without adding calories and who want to add a great and reliable tea to their collection.

Our Mokka Rooibos blend hits all the right boxes for a tea to have on hand to distress from a hard day. Using Rooibos as the base for the blend, this tisane is naturally caffeine free, perfect for those with caffeine sensitivities or those who like to enjoy a cup of tea before going off to bed. The naturally sweet and nutty flavours of the rooibos are well presented in this tea and offer up a delightfully mellow flavour profile backed by a superb full body. When blended with the chunks of caramel that we use for this tea, the resulting flavour profile is sweet and rich with an overarching smoothness that warms the back of the throat and the chest.

When it comes to brewing our Mokka Rooibos, there is little to fear. Rooibos is renowned around the world for being remarkably easy to brew as a tea and is noted for its astounding quality of never becoming bitter if left steeping for too long. Because rooibos is used as the blend’s base, Mokka Rooibos is an ideal candidate for those who have a habit of beginning to make a cup or pot of tea and forgetting it (we’ve all done it) when something comes up. Regardless of how long you brew Mokka Rooibos, it will still offer up a delightful cup of tea making this blend the most reliable and foolproof tea in your collection.

For those looking to escape the monotony of indoor life in the beautiful summer months and wanting to indulge in the pleasures the world has to offer, Mokka Rooibos is an ideal choice. Being comprised only of the highest quality caramel and rooibos, our specialty blend is simple, pure, and completely free from caffeine making it a perfect option for those who want a healthier choice than sweets and sodas. If you find yourself looking to escape and wanting a healthy choice to indulge in, Mokka Rooibos’ thick body, smooth profile, and rich flavours are sure to please and will without a doubt quickly win itself the title of being a staple in your tea collection.