Connecting with Others Through Tea

  Undoubtedly, one of the most important facets of life is building and maintaining our relationships with other people. Whether they are people we have known and loved for decades, or people we have only just met, our relationships with others and how we maintain them define who we are as individuals. It is often […]

Darjeeling Moonda Kotee Tea Estate

  Every once in awhile a tea comes along that defies expectations and redefines what a tea can be. A tea that seizes the senses and engulfs both the body and soul in a state of pure bliss and amazement. These types of extraordinary teas are the result of many decades of hard work on […]

Introducing Herbal Republic – Q & A

  Tea can be confusing not just for those starting out in the hobby, but also for more experienced tea drinkers. As such, it’s important that we work together as a community to help each other out in understanding the complex and enriching experience of tea. Here at Herbal Republic we have been truly blessed […]

Sharing Tea with the Next Generation

    Tea is important to many of us for its great many health benefits, array of tastes, aromas and flavours, and deep roots in many of the world’s greatest cultures. For us tea drinkers, a world without tea sounds like a world without character and without colour. A bland world indeed. It is tea […]

Tea or Teaware

    While it may be nice to collect teaware and have several teapots of varying sizes for various occasions and circumstances, often our disproportionate focus on teaware leads us astray from tea itself. Don’t get me wrong, teaware is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable aspects of the tea hobby, but admittedly […]

Happy New Year 2017

    As we approach the New Year, it can help to begin to formulate some New Year’s resolutions that pertain to tea. Doing so can help us to keep our tea drinking focused, and assists our palates and our experiences in tea in blossoming and developing. We have all heard time and time again […]