Importance of Eating Before Drinking Tea

  Tea drinking is one of the premier pleasures of the modern age that has been passed down to us by generations past. It has the ability to satisfy us on multiple levels and to become a physical and psychological medicine. Having the ability to heal the body and to hydrate it, and having the […]

Bombay Chai

  Tea truly is a beautiful beverage on its own. It’s simplicity and serenity in the cup makes it one of the most sought-after (yet affordable) luxuries in the world. While it may be beautiful on its own, beautiful things can happen when tea is blended with other high quality and delicious ingredients. Our Bombay […]

Health Benefits of Ginger

  Much of tea’s history can be traced back to the mystical lands and deep-seated cultures of ancient India and China, where tea was first cultivated and consumed. It was in that revered time and place that the health benefits of tea were first realized and tea began to be widely enjoyed for its medicinal […]

Tea and Nostalgia

  There are brief moments throughout our lives when we are offered a rare but indulgent glimpse into our own past. Thinking of our past, not only as individuals but as a society provides us with a great amount of comfort. It offers us what little else can; memories of a time gone by and […]

Comparative Tea Pairings

  Last week we discussed why tasting teas side by side can be beneficial to the tea experience and to the tea drinker. Allowing those who practice it to learn more about tea and its potential, comparative tasting is something that should be practiced by all those looking to up their game when it comes […]

The Benefits of Side by Side Tea Tasting

  Tea tasting in itself is an invigorating and engaging pursuit. Taking the time to focus entirely on the making and drinking of fine tea often reveals qualities and nuances that would otherwise go unnoticed even to the most experienced of tea drinkers. In effect, tea tasting is placing the entire tea experience under a […]