Mokka Rooibos

  Especially with the summer months coming around, our minds begin to wander towards walks on the beaches with the sand between our toes, and hikes through the woods with the gentle breeze in our hair. Our lives indoors quickly seem to become monotonous and lugubrious compared to the astounding beauty of the natural world […]

Book and Tea

There seems to be no better pairing more suited and more wholesome than the sublime combination of a good book with a great cup of tea. Reading a well-written book while drinking a perfectly made tea gives us a chance to be still within the present moment and learn something about ourselves in a deeply […]

Climate Change

    We have the tendency as we read through news story after news story on the worsening state of the environment to view climate change as strictly an environmental issue. We often fail to realize that climate change and pollution have real impacts on human lives and that what affects the environment also affects […]

ThunderstormTeas !

  With the warm weather of summer also comes the summer thunderstorm. An encapsulating display of nature’s immense power, the thunderstorm is one of mother nature’s many marvels. The sights, sounds, and smells of a thunderstorm are enough to send shivers down our spines and have us reaching for the comforts that are familiar to […]

Importance of Eating Before Drinking Tea

  Tea drinking is one of the premier pleasures of the modern age that has been passed down to us by generations past. It has the ability to satisfy us on multiple levels and to become a physical and psychological medicine. Having the ability to heal the body and to hydrate it, and having the […]

Bombay Chai

  Tea truly is a beautiful beverage on its own. It’s simplicity and serenity in the cup makes it one of the most sought-after (yet affordable) luxuries in the world. While it may be beautiful on its own, beautiful things can happen when tea is blended with other high quality and delicious ingredients. Our Bombay […]