Sun City Rooibos

At Herbal Republic we like to say that through tea, it is possible to capture the profound beauty of the natural world around us. Just as an artist aims to capture the beauty around him through his paints and brushes, we do so through the meticulous blending of fresh tea and herbs. Our latest creation, […]

Drinking Ice Tea

Summer is here! For some, this means the end of school and for others, it means long evening walks and frequent trips to the beach. For us here at Herbal Republic, where tea is an inevitable and indispensable part of daily life, it means drinking tea over ice more frequently than in the other months […]


  In today’s hectic world, information is available everywhere and at every moment at our fingertips. Never before in the history of the world has communication been made so convenient and so seamless. With smartphones and computers we have the ability to know anything and everything we could ever want to know within seconds. The […]

Canada Day 150

  The fathers of our Nation stood together at Confederation 150 years ago and set forth the wheels in motion that would lead HM Queen Victoria to proclaim, “The provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick shall be one dominion, under the name of Canada.” 

   Since that time, Canada has stood as a […]

Mokka Rooibos

  Especially with the summer months coming around, our minds begin to wander towards walks on the beaches with the sand between our toes, and hikes through the woods with the gentle breeze in our hair. Our lives indoors quickly seem to become monotonous and lugubrious compared to the astounding beauty of the natural world […]

Book and Tea

There seems to be no better pairing more suited and more wholesome than the sublime combination of a good book with a great cup of tea. Reading a well-written book while drinking a perfectly made tea gives us a chance to be still within the present moment and learn something about ourselves in a deeply […]