Sleep Tea

Herbal Republic Sleep Tea - 55K

There are many varieties of teas. Some invigorate, some relax. Some we drink just for the flavour, and some we drink for the additional comforts they can offer, including familiarity, tradition, memories, and health benefits.

During the earlier years of Herbal Republic, customers often asked us about teas that could help with insomnia.

We do offer Organic Chamomile tea, which many people find helps them relax, and may improve sleep quality. But many customers were looking for a little more help. Some were taking sleep aids and wanted to try something that was more naturally-sourced and safe.

This inspired our owner, Anita Suri, to start work on an herbal sleep tea blend. As with everything else, we needed to ensure that the product was of top quality and safe for our customers before we could add it to our product line. Our reputation depends on our products.

Anita created the blend that would become our own Sleep Tea. It’s a beautiful and delicious blend, but that alone was not what we wanted to offer our customers. We wanted them to be sure it was also effective and safe. If we were going to call it a “Sleep Tea” and sell it as a health product, it needed to be approved by Health Canada.

The next two years were spent researching and preparing documentation required for us to receive Health Canada approval and licensing. Once we had that in place, we could confidently recommend and sell our Sleep Tea.

One of the main ingredients in this blend is Valerian root. Valerian is native to Europe and parts of Asia, but it is also grown in North America. Valerian root has been used for centuries as an herbal sedative to help with relaxation, aid insomnia and improve sleep quality. Its effects were even used to calm troops during World Wars I and II.

Our Sleep Tea also includes Chamomile, Linden flower and Catnip. It’s an earthy, soothing, effective and safe combination of medicinals.

For best effect, enjoy a cup of Sleep Tea 30 – 45 minutes before bedtime.