The Difference between Herbal Republic Matcha Sets


Matcha is one of the most unique and interesting categories of tea. In many ways, it is a family of tea unto itself, being so far separated from other types of green tea that it defies comparison. One only needs to look at the finely ground, bright green powder that is matcha to understand that it is quite exceptional in the world of tea.

Originating in Japan, Matcha is not only unique in its history and appearance, but also in its preparation. Unlike other types of tea that are steeped in hot water through an infuser of some type and then removed, Matcha powder is whisked into warm water until it reaches a frothy consistency, after which it is enjoyed directly. It is the only kind if tea in which the leaves (Matcha powder is made of finely ground tea leaves) are directly consumed, and the only tea where not having whole leaf tea is considered a positive. The nature of the preparation of matcha tea also means that it requires specific tools to properly make and enjoy the bright green beverage.

The required tools to make matcha in its simplest form are; a scoop to measure the tea powder and transfer it to the bowl, the bowl to make the tea and drink it from, and a whisk to mix the water and the tea powder together. Our base set includes all three of these essentials for making matcha and is our lowest priced tea set for $65. Apart from this base set, we have two other sets that include everything the base set includes but with an added display stand for the whisk.

The ceramic whisk display stand enhances the presentation of the matcha whisk, but it also keeps the whisk looking its best by preventing it from becoming warped over time. The whisk itself, being made in the traditional fashion by bamboo, absorbs water when being used to make tea and releases it as it dries. This repeated cycle of absorbing and releasing water can cause the tines of the whisk to grow misshapen over time and continued use. The ceramic stand included in our two deluxe matcha tea sets hold the tines of the whisk in place to make sure that the whisk holds its form for longer and that it will better maintain its shape over time.

Between the two deluxe matcha tea sets, the difference is the bowl that comes with it. Matcha tea bowls are arguably the most important aspect of matcha tea making, with some ancient tea bowl examples having been commissioned by the upper echelons of Japanese society for centuries. Praised as objects of immense but simple beauty, the tea bowl is symbolically important in the matcha tea ceremony, representing a giver of life and energy. One of the deluxe sets features a white tea bowl, with the other featuring a black tea bowl. You can’t go wrong with either one so ultimately the choice comes down to personal preference. Both of the deluxe sets sell for $75.

Matcha has a deeply rich history of ceremony in Japan. Now, thanks to the advent of a newly interconnected world, people from all across the globe are able to enjoy matcha tea in the traditional way. Our tea sets provide drinkers with everything they need to properly make and enjoy matcha tea, allowing Herbal Republic customers to benefit from the great taste and amazing health benefits of this ancient beverage.