Digestive Tea


Digestive problems are never pleasant for anyone who has them. Bloating, heartburn, pain, and other general discomforts can be a terrible everyday burden that many around the world face. For those regularly affected by digestive issues, eating the right foods is only part of the solution. For some, no matter how many changes are made and then remade to their diets, their digestive issues persist regardless. Many turn to drug store treatments and other such methods to curb their discomfort, many of which contain chemicals that are not the healthiest for the human body. And it isn’t just those who regularly have digestive problems that are familiar with its discomfort. For millions of people around the world, digestive discomfort can pop up unexpectedly even without large changes in diet. The need for a healthy, natural treatment to digestive problems that will enhance, not hinder health over the long run has never been more apparent. That is why, here at Herbal Republic, we have developed and blended a tea that will have a place in the cupboard of every family home. This is our Digestive Tea.

Treating digestive issues used to be the domain of antacids and other drugstore treatments. Now, however, we have developed a solution that is not only natural, but effective and great tasting. Having our Digestive tea always in your cupboard ensures that when unexpected digestive problems arise, your household is always prepared to take it on.

Our Digestive tea is heavily inspired by traditional medicine, is 100% organic, and is approved by Health Canada. Expertly blended from a combination of organic meadowsweet leaf, linden flower head, lemon balm leaf, and peppermint, the taste profile is clean and refreshing. Brewing the Digestive tea is a breeze. Simply measure out the desired amount of leaves (we recommend 2 grams of leaves for every cup of tea) and brew in hot water for 3-5 minutes. After the time is up, remove the leaves and enjoy the sweet flavours and bright aromas of the tea. Brewing the tea for a full 5 minutes in hot water allows all of the tea’s flavour and health benefits to be released completely. Underbrewing this tea may compromise on its effectiveness to deliver the results that are needed to treat digestive issues.

Rather than simply creating a tea that handled only digestive issues, we wanted to develop a tea that could “do it all,” so to speak. Our Digestive tea accomplishes six key things regarding health; it supports the gastrointestinal tract, aids an upset stomach, reduces menstrual cramps, acts as a mild sedative to help with those sleepless nights, alleviates IBS, and helps to ease inflammation. With all of the purposes and benefits that this tea brings to the table, it makes a perfect staple in the cabinets of every family home.

The best thing about this tea is that far from just being a treatment, it is also enjoyable and can be consumed without having to have a digestive problem. Because the tea is completely made up of natural ingredients that enhance the body’s overall health, this refreshing and great tasting tea can be safely enjoyed every day. Unlike drugstore treatments, our tea can actually be enjoyed recreationally outside of the context of its being used as a treatment (I have yet to hear of anyone taking an antacid for fun). Simply brew up a cup, sit back, and enjoy the sweet and refreshing taste of our hand blended Digestive tea.