Why White Tea?

For those new to the game of tea, let us present you a delightul cheat sheet of information on White Tea!

Let’s start with some basics!

All tea comes from the same plant: the Camilla Sinesis. Of course, there are “teas” such as rooibos, tisanes, herbal remedies, and yerba mate, which due to their popularity and similar brewing method’s of hot and cold water infusions become included under our beloved header of Tea.

Traditionally however, there are four types of teas (Black, Green, White and Oolong), their names being a signifer to their amount of frementation. With white tea, tea farmers pick the very young leaves from the tea buds which fully opened during the spring time. They then take these leaves and simply steam them giving you a wonderfully sweet, and silky flavour tea that is very light in color.

Thanks to white tea being practically unprocessed, its natural health benefits remain perfectly intact for your tasting pleasure. This is why you will often hear tea fanatics preaching about white tea being so beneficial for your body! The state of White Tea allows it to have high levels of ECGC, and polyphenols; both of which are antioxidants that fight cancer-causing cells and aging. Plus it is extremely rich in fluroide; therefore next time you visit the dentist, you will be one step ahead with this plaque fighting tea. Everyone wins!

Two strains of popular straight-white teas are White Peony and Silver Needles. The first is put together with the ratio of one bud for every two leaves, the second is comprised entirely of downy buds picked within the first two days of early spring.

But don’t stop trying white tea there! Dan Lei (peony flowers), White Magic (apple & brazilian pepper) and Ambrosia (peach & citrus) are three of our white tea blends. So branch out, give yourself something new to try and enjoy your week!