Nettle – This super herb is calling your name now!

Tibetan Buddhist Saint, sorcerer, sage and poet Milarepa lived from 1052-1135, and is said to have eaten nothing but nettle leaves for much of his adult life. Now, this isn’t a suggestion to disregard that pint of ice cream in your freezer, and live on nettle for the rest of your days, but adding this tea to your diet will do your body a world of good! Heal your body’s aches, pains and more* with a cup today!

Herbal Chai


Our Herbal Chai is a great Nettle Starter Tea for beginners, which combines apple, chamomile, cardamom, cinnamon and nettle into a delicious and flavorful cup ready for autumn. But let’s talk about the real reason we are here, let’s talk about the more, because there are over 24 benefits you could be enjoying tonight with a slice of pie.

1. Stimulate the lymph system to boosts immunity

2.Acts as a diuretic to rid body of excess water

3. supports the adrenals

4. strengthens fetus and uterus in pregnant women

5. promotes milk production in lactating women

6. aids and relieves menstrual, bloating and fatigue

7. reduces inflammation

8. Reduces hypertension

9. promotes circulation and clean skin

10. relives allergic reactions by reducing the extra amount of histamine the body produces

11. alleviates gastrointestinal diseases, constipation and IBS

12. reduces chances of prostate cancer

13. promotes a release from uric acid build up in the joints

14. help break down kidney stones

15. clears blockages and diseases from the respiratory tract

16. kills intestinal worms and parasites

17. eases nausea

18. fights and cures the common cold

19. aids and provides temporary relief for neurological disorders, such as MS and ALS

20. fights gingivitis and prevents plaque when used as a mouthwash after brushing

21. treats insect bites

22. lowers blood sugar

23. lowers high blood pressure

24. aids and relieves itching and dryness from skin conditions such as ezcema