Rooibos Tea

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Rooibos tea has a lot to offer tea drinkers.

If you’re looking for new flavours, Rooibos has a lighter, but still satisfying flavour profile. It’s very low in tannins, so it doesn’t get bitter, even if you brew it strong.  Rooibos also blends well with many herbs, fruits and other flavourings, allowing combinations not possible with other teas.

Herbal Republic offers many Rooibos blends, including like Organic Durbanville (vanilla), Organic Sun City (citrus) and Chocolate Mint, along with our classic Organic Red Rooibos.

If you’re sensitive to caffeine, Rooibos is a wonderful caffeine-free option.  It’s a great drink  to have on hand for evenings (or later in the day) or for guests who can’t share a black or green tea with you.

[This article was written and posted with the calming influence of Organic Earl Grey Rooibos, which our web person insists produces fewer late-afternoon tyypos.]

If you’re looking for a healthy cup,  Rooibos is interesting both for what it contains and what it doesn’t.  There are several compounds (antioxidants, ACE inhibitors, compounds that regulate blood sugar and help cholesterol balance, and more) present in Rooibos that show promising health benefits.

On the other hand, Rooibos  doesn’t contain oxalic acid (which can contribute to kidney stones) or caffeine, and is low in tannins (which can affect iron absorption).

Even the name “Rooibos tea” is interesting:  Rooibos comes from the Aspalathus linearis plant, which is grown in the Cederberg region of South Africa.  Technically, it’s not “tea” at all, though it gets referred to as a “tea” in the same way that herbal teas do.