Peach Apricot




Now that we are in the peak in summer, it is a great time to explore our sweet tooth. On warm summer nights, sipping away at a chilled glass of a fruity tea with good company and maybe a campfire can help us relax and bring people together. A great tea for sipping on ice on these hot summer days and nights is our Peach Apricot fruit blend.

Made with a base of black tea, this blend is unfortunately not caffeine free, however, the black tea gives the flavor profile a robustness and body that allows it to stand up well to being served on the rocks. Apart from the black tea that makes the majority of this delicious blend, it also features papaya, blackberry leaves, sunflower petals, and calendula petals. Needless to say, this is a unique blend. We have combined unorthodox flavours and ingredients in a way that we believe results in unmatched flavour and complexity. Even when served on ice, this tea blend offers up a richness of flavour and aroma that is difficult to match in other tea blends. Part of this comes from the fact that each ingredient is carefully selected from responsible growers, and part of it is because each batch is meticulously blended to ensure consistency and quality.

Making this tea isn’t as straightforward as some more simple fruit blends, and takes a little more care to avoid it from getting bitter. For tea blends without black tea, brew times can be longer and water can be hotter. However, since this blend contains a black tea base, brew time should not go over the 5 minute mark and water should be just below the boiling point. Following these guidelines, you will get a full-bodied and sweet result with just enough astringency to make things interesting.

We recommend making large batches of this at a time and keeping it in the fridge for up to 3 days. Making a lot of it at a time allows you to enjoy it when you want it by simply pouring it into a glass with ice. Let us know what your experience has been with this Peach Apricot tea blend.