Beautify your body inside & out with Horsetail.

Horsetail, or Shaved Grass as it is more commonly known, is a herb which when infused produces many medicinal properties. Primarily, Horsetail is used as a “fluid retention” for kidney and bladder stones. It also decreases chances of urinary tract infections. But what may intice any skin and body care enthusiasts out there, is horestail’s […]

Nettle – This super herb is calling your name now!

Tibetan Buddhist Saint, sorcerer, sage and poet Milarepa lived from 1052-1135, and is said to have eaten nothing but nettle leaves for much of his adult life. Now, this isn’t a suggestion to disregard that pint of ice cream in your freezer, and live on nettle for the rest of your days, but adding this […]

Health tip: Try your tea with lemon!

Over steep your tea again? Well don’t throw it away! Next time this happens add a little lemon. Not only does lemon cut down the bitterness of overstepped black and green teas, but it boosts your bodies ability to sustain a tea’s catechisms by 80%. A study funded by the National Institutes of Health (article) […]