Darjeeling Makaibari


There are as many different kinds of tea drinkers in the world as there are people. With endless variations of lifestyles, tastes, and preferences, it is inevitable that certain types of tea drinkers will gravitate to certain types of teas more than others. For the health conscious who drink tea as a replacement for sodas, herbal infusions tend to be the most popular. For those who love warm, full and sweet flavours, oolongs are favourites. However, there is a certain type of tea drinker who is most at home with a simple cup of black tea. Especially popular among men, black tea is favoured by those who feel comfortable sitting back, reading a good book, and enjoying strong, robust, and full flavours in their cups of tea. The black tea family is the one most likely to put “hair on your chest,” if such a saying existed in tea drinking. Our Organic Darjeeling Makaibari is no exception.

Best enjoyed by savoring in small amounts, this tea is characterized by its full body and a beautiful tannic structure. Perfect for those looking for higher levels of complexity in their single origin productions, the tea is thick and warming; perfect for a rainy day. On the palette, the tea can be distinguished by its distinctive fruitiness that many have compared to that of a muscatel wine, or more generally the jamminess that some wines (particularly high quality new wines) can exhibit. The fruity, grape notes are supported by the heavy tannins (especially when brewed fora full 5 minutes), providing an extremely rich and complex tea experience. This is definitely one to keep on hand for when you have time to sit down and truly enjoy it.

At Herbal Republic, it may not surprise you that we pride ourselves on bringing on new and interesting teas that prove to be unique on the market. Our clients and customers know that the teas we offer are the highest quality teas and offer amazing value, however, they rely on us for one more vital factor. Sustainability. For many, organic products are of the utmost importance. For those who see the need for responsible agriculture in today’s world, this tea is a guilt-free luxury. Without the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides, this Nepal-grown tea passes the government regulations to be called an organic agricultural product. Carefully and painstakingly grown by farmers who care deeply about the end product, the care and attention to detail put into this tea is made clear in the cup.

The terroir of Nepal is distinct in the tea growing world. High levels of rock mineral in the soil lends the leaves a salty, sweet and stony taste. The growing region of Makaibari which lies at the heart of Nepal is deeply impacted by the wind patterns from the mountains of the Himalayas. In terms of tea growing regions, there is simply nothing else like it in the world.

This tea is made with the discerning tea drinker in mind. A testament to agricultural ability, and a good example of how a complex tea can truly enhance the tea experience, our Organic Darjeeling Makaibari is a unique and valuable addition to any tea cabinet. For those looking for an introduction to Nepalese tea, or looking for a higher level, more complex tea to slowly sip and savor, this is the one.