3 Teas to Drink to Stay Warm this Winter

  This winter has been the coldest one in a while, with many areas reaching record low temperatures. With such an extreme winter, the piercing cold can take its toll not only physically, but also psychologically. With subzero temperatures, a commute can feel like a climb to the summit of Mount Everest. Stepping outside can […]

Happy Holidays

    If your year has been anything like ours, it has been a busy one. At Herbal Republic we have been working constantly to bring the finest quality tea to our clients and customers. With environmental protection at the forefront of our minds, we deliver the finest and freshest whole leaf tea. With the […]

5 Great Holiday Gift Ideas

      The Holidays are right around the corner which means now is the time for figuring out what we are going to give our loved ones. It can be difficult to figure out what to get those we care about for the holidays. At times it can seem that gift giving gets even […]

Wuyi Mountain Region

  In last week’s post on our superb Silver Needle White Tea (the post can be found here), I briefly discussed the Wuyi Mountain region in China and its influence on tea. After writing a brief description of the tea sub-region, I realized that I would be remiss if I weren’t to go further in […]

Product Feature Silver Needles

If you have been drinking tea for a while you know that there are some teas that stick out above the rest. The teas that make you pause to take a closer look. The teas that make you remember why you drink tea in the first place. At Herbal Republic, we try our absolute best […]

The Importance of Staying Fit

    We have all read the plethora of news articles and have seen the evening news reports that blast our televisions. They all proclaim that the health of today’s global population is worse than any population thus far. Blaming junk food, lack of exercise and a variety of other factors, we are told on […]