The Difference between Herbal Republic Matcha Sets

  Matcha is one of the most unique and interesting categories of tea. In many ways, it is a family of tea unto itself, being so far separated from other types of green tea that it defies comparison. One only needs to look at the finely ground, bright green powder that is matcha to understand […]

Drinking Tea on the Go

Unfortunately, life often gets so busy that we don’t have enough time to enjoy the things we love most. For tea drinkers like us, this means not having the time we want to fully enjoy our tea every day and make our whole leaf tea the way we want to. For those committed to drinking […]

Does Hot Tea Cause Cancer?

      There have been a number of frightening news reports recently claiming that the consumption of tea and other hot liquids may be linked to increased risks of cancer. One study in China involving almost 500,000 participants linked drinking hot liquids to an increased probability of getting esophageal cancer, after studying subjects for […]

Korakundah Decaf Organic

    More than any other type of tea, single estate teas are able to capture and showcase the versatility, variety, and quality of the humble tea leaf in an amazing way. With a single origin tea, the effects that weather, terroir (that is, soil) and different harvesting seasons and times have on the finished […]

Digestive Tea

  Digestive problems are never pleasant for anyone who has them. Bloating, heartburn, pain, and other general discomforts can be a terrible everyday burden that many around the world face. For those regularly affected by digestive issues, eating the right foods is only part of the solution. For some, no matter how many changes are […]

Using Tea to Stay True to New Year’s Resolutions

The most popular New Year’s resolution year after year is to either lose weight or be a healthier person in general. For many, the year starts off with a bang, but a few weeks into January, the goals that were set begin to seem further and further out of reach. What used to be a […]