Drinking Tea on the Go

Unfortunately, life often gets so busy that we don’t have enough time to enjoy the things we love most. For tea drinkers like us, this means not having the time we want to fully enjoy our tea every day and make our whole leaf tea the way we want to. For those committed to drinking only whole leaf tea, a busy schedule can mean not having the necessary time to properly brew and enjoy high-quality tea leaves. Often people who are rushing to work or are travelling whether for pleasure or business are forced to compromise by drinking tea made from tea bags at the local coffee shop or fast food chain. The mass-produced tea bags at these locations are often stale, low quality and made from the leftovers of high-quality tea production. The bitter swill fills the void from not drinking tea at all, but it is a far cry from the tea that discerning drinkers are used to.

At Herbal Republic we understand that things can get so busy that we have to make sacrifices in order to get things done. But we also believe that these sacrifices should not involve making concessions on the quality of your tea. Tea is and has been something that is supposed to relax both the mind and body, temporarily curing stress and easing the burdens of a busy day. No matter what happens in the course of a day, you should always be able to trust in the ability to sit back and relax with a cup of good tea. Understanding that whole leaf tea isn’t always the most time-efficient form of tea brewing, often involving measuring the tea into an infuser and cleaning it out afterwards, we developed a tea bag that contains the highest quality whole leaf tea for the fastest possible brewing experience.

Many chain locations such as coffee shops and fast food restaurants allow customers a cup of plain hot water (depending on the chain and location they may or may not charge), so they can brew their own tea in it. Our tea bags come individually wrapped so taking them on the go is an absolute breeze. On your way to work simply get a cup of hot water, plop in the tea bag and you can have high quality, whole leaf tea in seconds. When you’re done with the tea, simply throw the tea bag into the garbage or compost, where the 100% biodegradable materials will return nutrients back to the soil. If you are travelling, it is fairly easy to get a cup of hot water at almost any hotel in the world with which you can brew the tea from the tea bag. Many tea bags, apart from containing low quality and bitter tea, are made from materials that won’t break down over time. Tags, staples, and glues that many tea bags contain only end up in landfills where they cause harm to delicate ecosystems and wildlife. Herbal Republic tea bags are 100% biodegradable and contain no harmful glues, staples, or tags that only end up polluting the Earth.

We suggest having a couple of Herbal Republic tea bags on hand at all times regardless of where you are in the course of a day. You never know when you may feel the need to relax with a good cup of tea, and having whole leaf tea bags on hand means you will never have to settle for anything less than top quality. The stresses and strain of travel and a busy workday schedule make us all yearn for the comfort of a hot cup of good tea. Don’t compromise. Be sure to always have convenient, whole leaf tea at your disposal by taking Herbal Republic tea bags on the go with you.