Glenburn Estate Darjeeling


Last month, we published a newsletter and blog post suggesting 3 unique and creative ways to sweeten your cup of tea, besides using plain old sugar or harmful artificial sweeteners. This month, we wanted to suggest a tea that serves as the perfect canvas to which sweeteners can be added in order to achieve perfect balance and complexity. In our opinion, one of the teas that is most well suited to sweeteners like maple syrup, liqueur, or honey, is our Glenburn Estate single origin Darjeeling tea.

While any black tea would be great to drink sweet, we believe that our Glenburn Estate Darjeeling is an especially good candidate for the task. What makes this tea special is the bold flavour profile and rich body that allows it to hold up to added ingredients without losing its distinctive character. The flavour of the tea can be described as malty, slightly astringent, with classic black tea character and bright floral notes. All in all, it stands to offer some of the highest complexity available in the black tea category, and the best part about it is that the complexity is unlikely to be overshadowed by added sweeteners. In fact, adding interesting and high quality ingredients to the tea should help to enhance the complexity even further.

There are certain benefits to investing in high quality black teas, particularly in those from single estate growers like our Glenburn Darjeeling. Single Estate teas are created with the pride that comes with putting their name on the tea’s label. Unlike a tea blend, the grower can’t hide behind combinations of teas from around the world from many different places and farms. Instead, each flaw and success is vividly apparent in the final product. For this reason, single estate growers have to be confident enough with the teas they produce to sell it under their own name. Glenburn Estate has been in operation since 1859, and since then has been producing outstanding teas that they themselves have deemed worthy of selling under their own name. We are proud to offer this amazing tea to our discerning customers and we believe it to be a great example of what can happen when dedicated growers put time and attention into Darjeeling tea.

We hope that you will enjoy this fantastic tea as much as we do, and we would love to hear your thoughts on it. It serves as the perfect canvas for your favourite sweetener and it’s fantastic on its own as well. It’s a few steps up from your basic black tea and is a worthy investment in flavour and complexity.