ThunderstormTeas !


With the warm weather of summer also comes the summer thunderstorm. An encapsulating display of nature’s immense power, the thunderstorm is one of mother nature’s many marvels. The sights, sounds, and smells of a thunderstorm are enough to send shivers down our spines and have us reaching for the comforts that are familiar to us. The comforts of home; a warm blanket, a good meal, a great book, and of course, a hot cup of tea all suddenly become more enticing in the midst of a thunderstorm. Today we will focus on the tea we reach for during the thunderstorm and how our tastes during a storm can change from what they were during more favourable weather.

The various sensations of a thunderstorm often alter the things we do and the things we want in the current moment. Our tastes in tea are no exception to this, as they too often change in the event of a storm. Perhaps more than any other factor, the environment around us plays the largest role in our choice of what teas we drink. In the hot summer air, we prefer to sip light and crisp green teas or herbal tisanes. In the cold winters we prefer the robust and astringent black teas to their lighter counterparts. Thunderstorms seem to fall somewhere in the middle as they often take place during the hottest periods of the summer, but the storms themselves bring cool, damp air. This poses the challenge to the tea drinker to find “middle of the road” teas to drink during the storm.

In this article we suggest 5 teas to drink during this summer’s thunderstorms. Our selections are made based on multiple factors, including flavour, body, family of tea, and ability to relax the body. With that said, we sincerely hope you enjoy our thunderstorm suggestions and we would be delighted to hear your own suggestions in the comments below.

  1. Bombay Chai

Featured recently in our blog post on our Bombay Chai, this tea makes an ideal choice for thunderstorm tea drinking. It’s balance between exotic, spicy flavours and smooth black tea make this an interesting adventure for the palette without making those who drink it leave the comforts of their own homes. Bombay Chai has the tendency to warm the throat with its spicy flavours and thick body which lends it a comforting quality perfect for wrapping up in a blanket during even the wildest storm.

  1. China Golden Yunnan

Our Yunnanese black tea got itself a place on this list through it’s astounding ability to provide a robust, full flavour without sacrificing on smoothness. It is a perfect example of how sweetness and astringency can exist in perfect harmony within a tea and blend together to create a pleasing experience for the drinker. The black tea lends a sense of sound warmth and comfort amidst even the fiercest storms. When brewed, the tea offers the drinker a warm and thick coppery liquor that tastes smooth but heats the entirety of the body. After the second and third cups (it’s too good to have only one), you may find yourself having to turn on a fan as the tea has a heating quality.

  1. Earl Grey Blue Star

My personal favourite on the list, our Earl Grey Blue Star is a black tea flavoured with bergamot using traditional flavouring methods. Master blenders combine the two ingredients to create a delightfully smooth and sweet flavour profile bursting with the citrus notes of bergamot. During a thunderstorm, the black tea base of this flavoured tea gives warmth and the strength of a full bodied astringency while the citrus notes of bergamot lend an impression of the fresh and open air. With our Earl Grey Blue Star, the weather outside may be stormy but your cup of tea becomes a paradise.

  1. Camillo

For those of you who prefer your cups of tea to come without caffeine, our Camillo blend fits the bill for tea drinking during thunderstorms. A masterful herbal blend of hibiscus, citrus and lemongrass, Camillo offers a fresh look at a rough tempest. Curling up with it gives the drinker a refreshed palate that ensures that even in the roughest storm, all will be well. When you’re stuck inside your house during the storm, make it a home with the fresh taste and aroma of Camillo.

  1. English Breakfast

This classic is perhaps the most obvious choice for the list. A classic staple tea in many households for centuries, this robust and full bodied black tea blend is warming and soothing regardless of how rough the storm may be. Sitting back with a strong cup of this tea and a good book while taking in the sounds and sights of the thunderstorm is an experience sure to please. It’s profile’s main features include a high level of astringency paired with a thick and smooth body that offers a wonderfully balanced and robust sensory experience in the cup.