Bombay Chai


Tea truly is a beautiful beverage on its own. It’s simplicity and serenity in the cup makes it one of the most sought-after (yet affordable) luxuries in the world. While it may be beautiful on its own, beautiful things can happen when tea is blended with other high quality and delicious ingredients. Our Bombay Chai tea is an ideal example of this.

A wonderful blend of bold, black tea and exotic spices, Herbal Republic Bombay Chai merges the comfort of home with the enticing and adventurous flavours of the Indian subcontinent. It is there, in the busy streets of urban India where chai tea draws its origins. Busy street stalls selling simple foods and small cups of black tea to passersby began to mix their black tea with spices and rich milk to create an interesting and comforting flavour for their customers. The new flavour – the Chai – fit perfectly with the cuisine and culture of the area. Rich, complex, smooth and spiced, the tea quickly gained in popularity far beyond the streets of India and was spread throughout the world. Known globally as a delicious treat for any time of the year and one that comforts the body and mind as it is sipped, there is little doubt as to why chai tea is so popular.

Herbal Republic’s own Bombay Chai, named after the famous city in India, is a masterfully blended combination of robust black tea and dynamic spices including cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and savory black pepper. The result of the meticulous blending of these ingredients is a taste sensation that has few rivals in the tea world. Too much of one ingredient and not enough of another can cause the entire flavour profile to be thrown off of its balance. Our Bombay Chai truly is a shining example of the beautiful things that can happen when close attention is paid to the art of tea blending.

When compared to the other teas of the world, chai tea certainly is unorthodox. Few other teas (even flavoured teas) use such intense spices to result in a smooth tasting beverage. Despite its undoubted uniqueness, chai tea remains as one of the oldest flavoured teas found on the market today and for good reason. It’s smooth taste, rich texture (especially when enjoyed with warm milk) and inviting aroma make it a must have for the tea drinker.

Brewing chai tea truly is a pleasure. It’s smooth flavour profile, despite being built on a foundation of strong and astringent black tea, makes chai very resilient against overbrewing. Similar to rooibos teas, chai tea is less likely than other tea varieties to get bitter after brewing for too long and using too many leaves. This fact makes it an ideal choice for those who frequently forget about a tea after making it (we’ve all done it) or those who tend to be a bit heavy handed when it comes to measuring out the tea leaves.

Chai tea is an ideal choice for those who want to explore the exotic flavours of India but still want to maintain the familiar flavours and textures of good black tea. Blended to perfection using only the highest quality ingredients, Herbal Republic’s Bombay Chai is offered with tea drinkers in mind. We view it as the closest thing to perfection in the tea world and a true representation of tea as a form of art. So, with all of this in mind; sit back, pour yourself a cup and imagine yourself taking a stroll through the busy streets of Bombay as you sit at home in perfect comfort.