Types of Tea – Green Tea

Weight loss and Green Tea

Green tea is one of the oldest, and most simplistic of the tea varieties. It’s bright green colour, characteristic fresh, vegetal taste and sweet aroma makes it one of the most sought after and enjoyed teas across the world. Originating in China, green tea quickly became popular due to its aromatic profile and sweet, delicate qualities.

Green tea is considered by most historians to be the first tea ever consumed from the tea plants native to China. It wasn’t until much later that other tea varieties such as black tea were developed and entered the global mainstream. Green tea is the original tea; The tea that started it all. From its humble beginnings, it developed into multiple variations which today include classics like Kukicha and Bancha, both of which are highly valued around the world for their flavour.

Green tea naturally becomes bitter if brewed in water that is too hot. For this reason, it’s best to wait at least a minute after the water reaches a boiling point before you brew up the tea. Using cooler water temperatures brings out green tea’s lighter tastes and aromas and lends it a more delicate and pleasing overall impression. It may take a bit of practice, but finding the right water temperature for your green tea ensures that you will be rewarded with a sweet, delicate and well rounded cup of tea without any bitterness to speak of.

One of green tea’s greatest features is its enduring versatility (not to mention its health benefits). It can be consumed hot or cold and still be great. Drinking green tea over ice when brewed at the proper temperature is a great way to cool off after a workout, unwind at the end of a long day, or as a replacement to unhealthy sodas and sugary beverages. To make iced green tea, brew green tea as you normally would (remembering to wait one minute after boiling) and immediately pour into a glass over ice. Be sure that the glass is used is capable of safely handling hot liquids as it could crack from the heat of the tea.

Green tea’s extreme popularity around the world is undoubtedly due to its sweet, delicate taste, versatility and deep history. Its incorporation into a daily routine ensures better health, both physically and mentally and it is a great way to further explore the world of tea.