Tea Rejuvinates The Spirit

tea with milk


Especially at this time of year, as winter approaches perhaps more quickly than we would like, it is easy to fall into the trap of routine and drudgery in our day to day lives. Work becomes repetitive, our social interactions may seem to become boring, and we find ourselves unable to muster the drive we used to have in the warmer months. Tea can help us to break out of this cycle. Simply brewing up a pot of a new tea can refresh the senses, brighten your day, and keep you invigorated.

By choosing to brew a tea you’ve never had before, you can instantly bring a new experience into your life. Tea has the power to inspire, and revitalize you so that you can continue on as a happier, healthier person.

The best teas to use to revitalize your mood and your spirits comes down to personal preference. For you, the most refreshing tea could be a fruity herbal blend, whereas for someone else, it could be a plain, but still equally delicious English Breakfast black tea. Both are great candidates but it really comes down to what you feel like at the time. Whenever I feel like I am stuck in a tea rut, I always try to reach for whatever I feel can reinspire my love for the beverage and refresh both my palate and my mind. Usually, this ends up being a fruit blend or flavoured black tea. Fruit tisanes and flavoured black teas have a tendency to instantly refresh both my body and mind and add a bit of healthy sweetness to my day.

Regardless of what kind of tea you feel will be the best to refresh you, try to make sure it’s a particular blend or variety that you’ve never had before. Trying something new for a change gets you out of the rut you may be trapped in and forces you into a new experience. Heck, if you like it, you just found a new tea to enjoy regularly!

If you don’t have access to new tea blends (perhaps you have tried them all!) or you just have so much tea sitting around that you really don’t want to buy any more, use your tea in different ways! This could be over ice, in a smoothie, or even baked into a cookie! For something totally new and exciting, try brewing your tea using a cold brew method for a non-bitter and refreshing cool-down from a busy day.

Regardless of how you do it, try to get out of your routine and mix things up a bit with your tea drinking. At this time of year, stress can be at an all time high and it is easy to get caught up in the events of our day to day lives. Break out of this cycle by trying a new tea or experimenting with how you use the tea you already have.