Types of Tea – Black Tea

Black Tea


The most widely consumed tea in the world, black tea is undoubtedly a staple. Renowned for its strength, robust flavour, full body, and dark colour, black tea is the most easily recognized of the tea varieties.

Although there is a vast amount of conflicting information surrounding the history of black tea, it is generally agreed upon that black tea first began to be traded in 15th century China. Black tea was most likely created for the first time by accident. Some historians believe its creation was the result of a tea maker attempting to cover-up a mistake he made in the processing of tea leaves. The result was a fully oxidized tea with dark, curled leaves. It quickly became a hit amongst European merchants, who valued the black tea leaves for their ability to maintain their freshness and flavour on the journey back to Europe. This allowed for the practical sale of tea in European markets for the first time, and the European tea culture was born. As it became more and more popular, the methods of growing and processing black tea evolved to meet the growing global demand.

To be made into black tea, leaves harvested from the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) are rolled, oxidized and dried.

Perhaps what helped black tea gain popularity in Europe is the fact that its caffeine content is relatively high. The processing of black tea leaves allows the tea to release more caffeine in the brewing process, with one 8oz cup containing 60-90mg of caffeine according to Choiceorganicteas.com. The caffeine content is able to provide the tea’s drinker with more energy than other teas, while still providing the characteristic calming trait associated with tea in general.

Whether you drink your black tea the European way with milk and sugar, or you take it plain, black tea is always better in loose leaf form. Loose leaf black tea is less bitter with a more rounded taste profile. We have saved you the hassle of having to sift through the huge amount of low-quality black tea on the market by offering you the best whole leaf black tea right here on our site. Whether you are interested in trying an Indian grown Assam, Chinese Golden Yunnan, or Darjeeling Castleton Estate, you are sure to find a black tea that works for you.

Herbal Republic Tea Tip:

As a summer treat, try your black tea over ice! Black tea’s strong and robust flavour makes it the perfect candidate to enjoy on the rocks as a refreshing cool-down.