Hibiscus Herb Tea



Some teas are so simple that their simplicity alone can be truly delicious and surprising. Meet the Herbal Republic Hibiscus Herb tea. The ingredient list on this caffeine-free herbal tea is one item long: pure hibiscus. Perfectly suited for the warmer weather of spring and summer, the Hibiscus Herb tea is ideal for sipping hot or cold at any time of the day.

At Herbal Republic, we are always striving to produce interesting and unique teas to deliver to our customers. We believe this tea hits that mark perfectly. Uncomplicated, clean, and refreshing, the notes of this tea are simple and yet still manage an air of refinement.

When brewed, the color of this tea is truly remarkable. It brews to a bright pink and red in the cup and the floral notes are immediately apparent from feet away. It doesn’t take long to brew a flavorful cup from this tea, but even so, we recommend giving the tea a full five minute infusion time to really get the most flavor and body out of it. With Herbal teas like this one, there is sometimes a trade off that occurs between flavor and body. Many herbal teas (floral teas in particular) have bright, vibrant flavors that fail to show any structure or body on the palate. To make up for this, many tea companies will either blend herbs with a stronger base (such as a black tea), or just accept the trade off. For our Hibiscus Herb tea, we wanted to keep the purity of the hibiscus and the clean flavor profile, so we opted out of blending it with something that may overtake its delicate floral notes. Instead, we recommend to our customers a longer brewing time that will help provide body and a tannic structure to backup the sweet notes of the tea.

As the weather starts to heat up, we are beginning to crave the sweeter, more refreshing notes of a good herbal tea. Not only that, we may even begin to have a larger focus on our health. Summer isn’t always the kindest season for our health, with frequent barbecues and food at every family event, which is why it’s extremely important to take more meticulous care of your health during this time. Our Hibiscus Herb tea has the ability to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels when consumed regularly and can even restore vitamin C in your body. If health is important to you and your loved ones, this is a perfect tea to always have on hand.

When considering our Hibiscus Herb tea, we wanted a tea that was refreshing, able to deliver a high value in terms of flavor, and most importantly we wanted a way for our customers to take their health into their own hands with a natural way to enhance their wellbeing. We believe that we have successfully done all of those things with this herbal tea and we think that you will agree. For more information, be sure to visit the product page and let us know if you have any questions.