Using Tea to Stay True to New Year’s Resolutions

The most popular New Year’s resolution year after year is to either lose weight or be a healthier person in general. For many, the year starts off with a bang, but a few weeks into January, the goals that were set begin to seem further and further out of reach. What used to be a regular event; going to the gym, running a little each day and eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, slowly begins to fall by the wayside. After setting ambitious resolutions, many people fail to realize them and quickly lose energy in trying in vain to accomplish them

There are numerous reasons that one would lose enthusiasm and drive in trying to accomplish better health. One of these reasons is a lack of specificity when it comes to the goals themselves. Vague New Year’s resolutions such as “losing weight” differ significantly from the more specific, “lose 20 pounds.” Setting a specific goal can greatly help in making progress because you can watch yourself work towards a specific number and there is a certain and constantly visible end in sight. With a vague goal such as “losing weight,” when progress isn’t made immediately, it can quickly become both frustrating and disheartening.

The first step in accomplishing better health, whether or not it is a new year’s resolution, is to set a definite and certain goal. If the goal is weight based, set a number of the weight you want to be at or how many pounds you want to lose. Write the number down and don’t change it until you’ve met the goal. It is of the utmost importance that goals are reasonable and realistic. Setting goals that are overambitious may become disheartening as we realize just how hard they are to achieve. By making small, doable goals, we can always make new goals in the future once we have reached the ones we have already put in place.

Once a reachable goal has been set, the next step is to determine how to accomplish it. Going to the gym on a regular basis, eating healthy foods, and taking time out of the day to relax and destress are all methods of achieving better health. The key is discipline. Time and time again people fail in attempting to reach their health goals because they lack the drive and discipline to do so. Reaching a state of better health is not easy, and those who say that it is are likely trying to sell something. The truth is that there are no shortcuts. When it comes down to it, the only way to live a healthier life is by making healthier choices (which may not always be the most fun or satisfying). With a little bit of personal discipline, setting a regular schedule, and even creating a meal plan, new years goals can be reached in no time at all.

With all that said about personal discipline and hard work, it can be easy to get the wrong idea that all of that would be sustainable over a long period of time in any way. When it comes down to it, any new plan to get healthier and more fit has to have some room for fun and for occasional indulgence. A strict daily regimen of vigorous exercise, and a diet of only fruits and vegetables can quickly take its toll and tire one out after a short period of time. The soul needs taking care of just as much as the body does which is why the idea of “cheat days” exists. Of course, overeating one day of every week could very easily go against all the progress you have worked towards which is why a small treat everyday is a much better solution. We all need a break from a strict diet and exercise plan every once in a while in order to stay sane, but the trick is to find ways of indulging that are responsible and moderate.

Tea can make a great indulgence that can actually enhance your health over time. Unlike junk food, tea is made of only natural ingredients and has zero calories, no sugar, and no harmful chemicals. As an added bonus, tea is also great for the environment and contains a caffeine kick that can easily enhance a workout.

One of the many great things about tea is that it comes in so many appealing varieties to suit every taste and preference. For those with a sweet tooth, teas like our renowned Nana’s Fruit Garden blend will prove to be a much healthier option than binging on sweets. Brewing a cup of this sweet and refreshing tea (containing no sugar and no calories) can help to satisfy cravings while keeping you on track to meet your goals. For those who prefer more savory indulgences, black teas like our Organic CTC Cut Assam can really hit the spot and ward off cravings that can get in the way.

All too often people set new year’s goals with the best intentions of achieving better health only to fail and give up in only a couple of weeks. By this point in the year, many people would have already given up on their goals. It is far easier to stay on track when a definite goal is put in place and strict personal discipline is exercised. However, no amount of personal discipline can sustain a rigorous exercise routine and strict diet if there aren’t any opportunities for healthy personal enjoyment. In this way, tea can be a great and welcome escape from hard training and dieting and can do wonders in keeping you on track to reach your goals and to set new ones.