The Perfect Tea Gift


At this time of year, nearing the holidays, we can be filled with just as much dread and anxiety as joy. The dread of worrying about what we will get our friends and family to show our love for them during the holiday season can be without a doubt an extremely stressful affair. We struggle to find what gifts best fit the personalities and tastes of those closest to us, attempting to give them the best possible gift can lead us to attempt some overly elaborate solutions, when simple gifts can often prove to be the most meaningful. Luckily, tea is one of the best gifts there is. It is affordable, healthy, and meaningful and is a perfect match for the holiday season.

When attempting to find the perfect gift for our friends and family, we can sometimes be hit with a misguiding thought process; that for something to be meaningful and enjoyed, it must be expensive. This causes multiple problems. First, it may mislead people into spending more money than they otherwise should, putting their financial stability and wellbeing into jeopardy. Second, it reinforces one of modern societies biggest flaws, which is valuing monetary cost over real meaning. Tea is an affordable gift without a doubt. Take our Ambassador Blend for example, for only $26.00, you can get 227g of a great, high quality whole leaf tea which is approximately enough to make 110 cups of tea! Those are 110 enjoyable and enriching experiences that will give great joy and pleasure to those receiving it.

Apart from being an affordable option, tea is also a healthy gift option. The holidays can be the worst enemy of waistlines everywhere. With cookies, treats, and large meals around every corner, it can feel like there is no end to the madness of holiday food. With important antioxidants and no calories, tea is a great way to give the human body a welcome break from the deluge of sugar during the holidays.

Tea is a timeless gift and one that has been given between loved ones for centuries. With a rich history, healthy nature, and accessible price, tea should be on everyone’s holiday wish list! If you are struggling to find a tea that suits the person you have in mind, buy a small amount of several and make a sample basket out of it! It will help to guide and educate them on what they enjoy and what they may want to try again in the future!