Canada Day 150


The fathers of our Nation stood together at Confederation 150 years ago and set forth the wheels in motion that would lead HM Queen Victoria to proclaim, “The provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick shall be one dominion, under the name of Canada.” 

   Since that time, Canada has stood as a proud symbol of freedom and prosperity, through good times and bad. A resilient symbol of peace in an often troubled and tempestuous world. Our motto, “Mari usque ad Mari,” from sea to sea, represents the broad diversity of our land, not only geographically, but also socially and culturally. From the First Nations people to the English and French descendents of our country’s explorers and pioneers, Canada is a place where people from all creeds and callings can find home. 

   As our National Anthem suggests, despite the many differences that separate Canadians from one another, we are eternally bound by a “True Patriot Love” for the country we all call home. This Canada Day; our 150th, Canadians at home and abroad stand together to celebrate the freedom and prosperity that we have enjoyed for the last century and a half and we stand together to honour the sacrifices of those who have defended that same freedom and prosperity. 
This Canada Day Herbal Republic wishes all Canadians happiness and health and we hope with the utmost sincerity that it will be a time of reflection of the history of our Nation. We are proud to be a Canadian business and that pride shows in everything we do. 

   From all of us here at Herbal Republic, we wish you and yours a happy Canada Day.