The Beauty of Earth


Looking up at the stars at night, walking through the woods in the brisk late fall or sitting on the coastal rocks in the summer, it’s hard not to marvel at the astounding beauty of the natural world. Earth, in all of its splendor is an endlessly fascinating place. It’s beauty is made manifest on the macro scale through satellite images, and on the micro scale such as the gripping aesthetic qualities of a leaf on a tree. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to call this wonderful planet our home and yet, with each passing day, we leave our home in an ever worse condition. The unsustainable burning of fossil fuels, dangerous agricultural practices, mass pollution and the heedless generation of waste has put our shared planet in peril. Climate change will, in the very near future, drastically change the way we live on this planet and already its effect have reeked havoc on the natural world. At Herbal Republic we do our best for the environment by creating a sustainable business model and offering only environmentally friendly products.

For us, the preservation of our planet remains at the forefront of our core set of values and has since our beginning nearly two decades ago. We have sought to become a leader in the area of environmental protection by acting as a model of environmental responsibility in business. Using as little packaging as possible to ship our products, using recycled materials, and using all of the resources we have available to us responsibly and efficiently is only a small part of our devotion to the wonderful planet we call home. We also aim to be an example to other businesses with the products we carry and offer to our customers.

The entire goal and mission of Herbal Republic can be summed up in the simple mantra; Quality and Sustainability. In all of the products we offer, this mantra is manifest. In our tea, we source only from environmentally sustainable sources that offer leaf material of only the highest possible quality. In our tea filters, we use completely biodegradable materials without using glue, staples or tags to reduce waste to the lowest possible amount. This is our mission. To reduce waste, protect our planet, and foster a love of tea in the people we serve. In doing so we preserve two things; the first being the state of our planet’s natural splendor, and the second being the tradition and cultural importance of tea drinking on the whole. When we offer the highest possible quality tea to our customers, we ensure that they have the greatest possible chance to stick with tea for the long term and successfully incorporate it as a healthy and meditative practice in their own lives on a regular basis.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our service to our customers or what we are doing to help our planet, please do not hesitate to leave us a message in the comment section below. We look forward to hearing from you. Happy sipping!