Herbal Republic Herbal Tea review by Grocery Alerts

Review of Herbal Republic Herbal Tea Kit

Steven Zussino Published on Feb 8th, 2010 From Our Kitchenteakit1

Tea has many health benefits:

Boosts immune system
treats headaches
assist in weight loss
stomach aches or cramps

This review is for the Herbal Republic Herbal Tea Kit.

A very unique tea kit offering a quality loose leaf tea product with the use of compostable filters for convenience of a teabag or for travelling. Their tea is made from fresh herbs and flowers and all natural and no additives.

The kits we reviewed were:

Jasmine Green
Crème Caramel
Ginger Fresh

Lets start the review by reviewing the ingredients.

All natural ingredients. The other day I tried a tea at a trade show that had natural and artificial flavours added to it and it tasted like sugar was added and had a horrible after taste. When I tried the Ginger Fresh flavour, it had a pleasant after taste and had so many flavours – ginger and peppermint and lavender. This is high-quality loose leaf tea and you can see with your eyes from the container once you opened it. The smell was invigorating.

Next, the packaging was solid and attractive. The product is very eye-catching and the container locks in the scent and the power of the loose-leaf tea. The tin packaging can be reused or recycled. It was important to me that the filters are unbleached, completely biodegradable and made with
no staples or glue. It is very green product and the company thinks about this with every part of the package.

Finally, the taste. My wife and I tried all flavours in the package. All packages are attractive and the loose-leaf uses the unique long compostable tea filters to steep whole leaf tea well – it needs space to expand and ensure full infusion. We loved all flavours we were given but we enjoyed Ginger Fresh the most. We recommend to follow the directions exactly for the ideal times to steep and amount of water to use. This is a Vancouver, BC company and they have online ordering on their website as well as their product is available at a number of retailers. Their website is https://www.herbalrepublic.com/

Herbal Republic provided us with samples to review and Grocery Alerts Canada was not compensated for this review.