Does Matcha have the same benefits as green tea?


For Matcha, unlike other forms of green tea, the fine baby leaves are ground into a delicate powder. So Matcha drinkers are consuming the whole leaf and all of its goodness, not just tea brewed with water.

Matcha is rich in catechin polyphenol compounds with high antioxidant activity. It also contains potent nutrients such as polyphenols, minerals, (Vitamin A, B-Complex, C, E and K), fibers, potassium and chlorophyll. Matcha is also especially rich in L-theanine.

A University of Colorado study determined that drinking matcha green tea will “result in a dramtically greater intake of EGCG (epigallocatchin gallate) compared to drinking other types of green tea”, with EGCG being a powerful antioxidant possessing many therapeutic properties including cancer prevention. The antioxidants in Matcha have a number of other health benefits associated with its consumption including helping to prevent gum disease and promoting weight loss.