5 Great Holiday Gift Ideas




The Holidays are right around the corner which means now is the time for figuring out what we are going to give our loved ones. It can be difficult to figure out what to get those we care about for the holidays. At times it can seem that gift giving gets even more difficult with each passing year as people are increasingly difficult to buy for. Luckily, when it comes to the tea drinkers in your life, or those that you think should become tea drinkers, we’ve got you covered.

Tea makes one of the most splendid gifts, particularly for the holiday season. Historically viewed as a luxury item, tea has been gifted between heads of state, nobility, and the upper classes for hundreds of years. In today’s world, tea is more accessible but no less thoughtful, making it an ideal gift idea for the holiday season.

Below are our 5 suggestions for the perfect gifts to give the tea drinkers in your life. Make this holiday season a special one by giving those you know a traditional gift that has brought joy to so many for centuries. If you don’t know a tea drinker, this is the perfect time to introduce those around you to the hobby. By giving them the gift of tea, you open them to a world of possibilities


  1. Herbal Republic Gift Card

There are a number of reasons that a gift card is the perfect gift for a tea drinker, especially if you don’t know what teas the tea drinker you have in mind already has. Gift cards take the guessing out of gift giving, which for many people is a huge relief during the holiday season. If someone you know is a tea drinker, giving them a gift card this holiday season allows them to choose what they use it for. It’s next to impossible to know for sure what teas any given individual will like or dislike and trying to decide what tea to give them can be a stressful task. With a gift card to Herbal Republic, they can make the choice themselves and browse through a carefully curated selection of the world’s finest teas.

Gift cards are also very easy to give to someone. Herbal Republic gift certificates are sent instantly to the person you are giving it to simply by typing in their email. Within seconds, your gift will make it to the inbox of the recipient and they will be able to use it right away for the teas they love.

Now, we know it happens. The holidays are a stressful and chaotic time for everyone and sometimes we can forget to find gifts for people. The gift card can save the day. It takes no time at all to quickly order a gift card at the last minute and your loved ones will thank them for it.

Gift cards are a perfect way to give someone the gift of tea and make their holidays all the more special.

For maximum convenience, our gift cards are available in the following amounts of money: $20, $50, $75, and $100

2. Earl Grey Lavender Tea

Growing up, Earl Grey was always associated in my mind with the holidays. My family would brew pot after pot of it and sit and talk for hours at a time after meals. The aromas, the flavour, the warmth of the tea all blended together to truly enhance the holiday spirit.

Earl Grey itself is a black tea base flavoured with essential oil of bergamot which gives it a sweet, citrusy overnote. With our Earl Grey Lavender Tea, we kick things up a notch from the traditional Earl Grey tea by blending real leaves of lavender into the tea. Lavender can be a love it or hate it scent and flavour but we feel that we struck the perfect balance in this tea so it’s not overbearing. The lavender pairs perfectly with the bergamot and the black tea to create a rich and rewarding flavour experience.

What makes this tea such a great gift is that it is unusual. It’s not often that Earl Grey tea is blended with lavender which in our eyes is too bad because the result truly is phenomenal. The tea has the calming qualities and rich aroma of lavender and the sweetness, acidity, and full body of Earl Grey. Pairing the two together creates a great blend that makes a perfect holiday gift.

3. Bombay Chai

Not traditionally seen as a “holiday tea,” Bombay Chai makes a great stocking stuffer for almost every type of tea drinker. Chai tea’s spiciness and warm aromas, along with its thick and robust body make it the ideal tea for drinking around a fire in sweater weather.

Masterfully blended from a base of black tea, our chai blend is an invigorating combination of spices intended to warm and please the tea drinker. Spices, when used conservatively and in the right combination can be a perfect accompaniment to a holiday season full of friendship, love, and laughter. We recommend blended it with milk for a truly rich flavour experience that soothes and warms any atmosphere.

Bombay Chai makes a perfect gift for the tea drinker who prefers aromatic and somewhat exotic flavours. While the use of spices makes it stand out among black teas, our Bombay Chai’s flavour profile is conservative enough to please the palates of almost any tea drinker.

4. Mokka Rooibos

Smooth, rich, and indulgent. Our Mokka Rooibos is a favourite of ours and we know that it will be a favourite of everyone you give it to this holiday season.

Particularly suitable for those on your Christmas list with caffeine sensitivities, this simple blend is built on a rooibos base (an herbal tea naturally free from caffeine) mixed with pieces of real caramel. The resulting tea is rich, smooth, sweet, and indulgent, making it an ideal choice for the holidays. The satin texture of the tea’s body and the nutty rooibos create an experience reminiscent of eating a cookies by the fire with christmas carols playing gently in the background. It’s no secret as to why popularity for this tea soars during the holidays. Like our Bombay Chai, our Mokka Rooibos blend is ideally matched for drinking in cold weather with war company and would make a perfect gift for the tea drinkers in your life.

5. Gift tin of tea

For your convenience and gift giving pleasure, all of the teas on Herbal Republic are available in 90g gift tins. These tins of any tea of your choice are the perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays, and each one contains enough tea for 45 cups! The tins are a perfect way to introduce someone into the hobby and maybe even get them to try teas they wouldn’t have otherwise had a chance to. 90 grams is the perfect amount to get a true sense of a tea without having too much of it on hand. Should the person you give the tea to not like it, they won’t be stuck with too much of it, and they can always reuse the beautiful tin for another tea of their own choosing.

Our gift tins are offered with the spirit of the holidays in mind. As we take the time to enjoy our families and friends, sharing tea can be a powerful force to bring people together. Tea, being one of the most time-honored traditions of the holidays, is the ideal gift. Giving it in these special tins makes it all the more unique and meaningful.

From all of us here at Herbal Republic, we hope your holidays are wonderful and that it will be a time to enjoy friends and family in good health. Happy Holidays!