What is Matcha

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Matcha is a powdered green tea used in Japan’s formal tea ceremony, as well as for every day drinking pleasure and as a delicious ingredient in countless recipes. Matcha is uniquely Japanese and is one of the highest quality teas available in Japan. Matcha is prized for its high concentration of nutrients as well as its distinctive flavor. In its non-powered form, it is known as “tencha”. Premium grade matcha is a vibrant shade of green.


For Matcha, unlike other green tea, farmers take great care to gradually shade the tea plants from sunlight in the month before harvest. This causes the new shoots to develop larger, thinner, and tender leaves, and Matcha’s signature, vibrant emerald colour.

During harvest which takes place in May of each year, only new leaves are picked. The leaves are steamed briefly to stop any fermentation and then dried. Next, they are sorted for grade, and stems, veins and any inferior quality leaves are removed. At this point, the leaves are called “tencha” and they are stored in cold storage. Aging deepens the flavor of the tea. After the tencha is ground on a stone mill into a fine powder, it is known as Matcha.