About Herbal Republic

It all started in 1999 when our first location opened its door on Broadway, Vancouver, Canada.

Our Passion

Passionate about quality teas, our vision is to focus on Whole Leaf loose teas. Our signature Herbal Republic tin has become synonymous with quality and uniqueness. We continue to strive for excellence.

Our customers asked us to demonstrate our environmental responsibilities while expanding our horizons and creating unique products. Our corporate environmental responsibilities encourage us to develop a sustainable future for our children. Our passion for Whole Leaf loose teas became the catalyst for the launch of ‘Sip to Save the Planet’ project. Our signature Herbal Republic tins needed to be 100% compostable. Thus, we reconsidered our outer packaging The Whole Leaf Tea Kit relaunched in its new packaging in early 2011.

Our Focus

The focus of our business and our brand is to produce more sustainable products: clean and natural. No strings attached, simple yet flavourful and smooth. With that in mind we relaunched The Whole Leaf Tea Kit in its new packaging. We also launched our new, innovative and 100% compostable Tea Bag for the food service market.


To ensure that we provide you with the very best quality, our teas are blended in house in small batches.  At Herbal Republic, we are proud to provide you with freshly blended teas.    In keeping with our philosophy to create clean and sustainable products, our compostable Tea Bags are manufactured in house.

We love tea and we will continue to source and blend the very best we can find whilst we tread carefully on the planet.