Product Feature – Formosa Oolong

  More than any other tea category in the world, oolong is considered the true “art form” of tea processing. As many readers may well be aware, all traditional teas (excluding herbal teas) are derived from the same plant; Camellia sinensis. The leaves for various tea categories are all plucked from the same type of […]

The Purity of Japanese Green Tea

  It is interesting to take a moment to consider how tea was consumed historically. In the villages of Ancient China, tea was a treasure, but it was also a product of the local agriculture. In today’s world, tea has been separated from nature by major corporations as much as possible in order to sell […]

There Is Hope For Our Planet

  Environmental issues are, in many respects, the most important challenges we face as a human race today. Little else has as great an impact on our lives. The growing threats of the effects that pollution and global warming have produced have instilled seemingly global panic. Each time we read the news or flip through […]

Building a Tea Collection

    Building a tea collection is an immensely satisfying endeavour for those who find frequent enjoyment in drinking tea. While tea is at its core quite a simple beverage, (it is, after all, only leaves and water) it’s many nuances and complexities lend the tea world a depth and range that would take many […]

Interview with Pens and Tea

  This month we interviewed Kerry from the Pens and Tea youtube channel. Kerry is an avid tea drinker and fountain pen user as well as a proud Canadian. She shares her passions through regular videos posted to her youtube channel which can be found here. In part one of a two part interview, we […]

Interview with Pens and Tea – Part 2

In part 2 of our interview with Kerry from Pens and Tea, we discuss the connection between writing and drinking tea, how to get into tea, and the challenges of being a youtube personality. We hope you enjoy part 2 of our interview with Kerry. You review and talk about both pens and tea in […]