Tea and Food Pairing

Found this interesting very helpful in guiding how to pair food with tea. A must try. Today is #NationalCheeseLoversDay Have you ever thought of pairing a Keemun Tea with a Blue Cheese? Ever tried it? pic.twitter.com/VMu11BDtAk — Tea Assoc Canada (@CanadaTea) January 20, 2016

New Book Called Afternoon Tea

I came across a new book called afternoon Tea. I may purchase this from Amazon. If you like “AFTERNOON TEA” My NEW Book is for you & ready to Pre-Order here httpss://t.co/l5GaPLXPXS #TeaWithEric pic.twitter.com/uYxrys1Q8M — eric lanlard (@eric_lanlard) January 18, 2016

Temperature Control for Tea

A great lesson in water temperature control for best tea results Celebrating Hot Tea Month with @CTVCanadaAM this morning. httpss://t.co/YzcD2SsAAZ — Tea Assoc Canada (@CanadaTea) January 13, 2016

Happy Customer – Min Reyes

Here’s an nice tweet that we received from @minreyes on Twitter! my favourite @herbalrepublic tea arrived!! had a little taste of it during Reiki training and fell in love with it! pic.twitter.com/3VyIuCBezn — min reyes (@Min_Reyes) January 6, 2016

Why can’t you get a proper cup of tea in paradise?

Visiting the Dominican Republic, we stayed at a new resort in a remote part of the country. Though eager to please, the staff were obviously hospitality neophytes. The most glaring shortfall came in the dining room. A tea drinker since birth, my wife believes the hotter the water, the better cuppa it makes. If the […]

Why White Tea?

For those new to the game of tea, let us present you a delightul cheat sheet of information on White Tea! Let’s start with some basics! All tea comes from the same plant: the Camilla Sinesis. Of course, there are “teas” such as rooibos, tisanes, herbal remedies, and yerba mate, which due to their popularity […]