New Book Called Afternoon Tea

I came across a new book called afternoon Tea. I may purchase this from Amazon. If you like “AFTERNOON TEA” My NEW Book is for you & ready to Pre-Order here httpss:// #TeaWithEric — eric lanlard (@eric_lanlard) January 18, 2016

Temperature Control for Tea

A great lesson in water temperature control for best tea results Celebrating Hot Tea Month with @CTVCanadaAM this morning. httpss:// — Tea Assoc Canada (@CanadaTea) January 13, 2016

Happy Customer – Min Reyes

Here’s an nice tweet that we received from @minreyes on Twitter! my favourite @herbalrepublic tea arrived!! had a little taste of it during Reiki training and fell in love with it! — min reyes (@Min_Reyes) January 6, 2016

Why can’t you get a proper cup of tea in paradise?

Visiting the Dominican Republic, we stayed at a new resort in a remote part of the country. Though eager to please, the staff were obviously hospitality neophytes. The most glaring shortfall came in the dining room. A tea drinker since birth, my wife believes the hotter the water, the better cuppa it makes. If the […]

Why White Tea?

For those new to the game of tea, let us present you a delightul cheat sheet of information on White Tea! Let’s start with some basics! All tea comes from the same plant: the Camilla Sinesis. Of course, there are “teas” such as rooibos, tisanes, herbal remedies, and yerba mate, which due to their popularity […]

The amazing benefits of Matcha Green Tea

We’ve all read and heard about the health benefits of drinking herbal and green tea but not many people have heard of Matcha green tea, the superfood that is taking over the world, one green latte at a time. It’s easy to see why it’s becoming a health craze when one cup of Matcha tea […]