London Fog Recipe

We find that our Earl Grey Blue Star is perfect for this recipe. LONDON FOG RECIPE 1. Put 2 scoops of Earl Grey Blue Star into a teabag or steeping basket and add half a cup of water. Let the tea brew for 3 minutes. Option to add a pinch of Lavender if desire. 2. […]

Composting Tea Bags

Can Tea bags be composted? (From the Kitchen waste category | No comments yet – start the conversation) Yes! tea bags Yes, you can compost loose tea and some tea bags – but it depends on the type. Loose tea leaves will compost down quickly – the clue is in the “leaves” bit of the […]

Herbal Republic Herbal Tea review by Grocery Alerts

Review of Herbal Republic Herbal Tea Kit Steven Zussino Published on Feb 8th, 2010 From Our Kitchen Tea has many health benefits: Boosts immune system treats headaches assist in weight loss stomach aches or cramps This review is for the Herbal Republic Herbal Tea Kit. A very unique tea kit offering a quality loose leaf […]

Healthy Smoothie Recipe

Here is a receipe that is healthy and tasty. Use any of the Herbal Republic green teas for great flavour in your smoothie recipe. The Tasty Smoothie of Strawberry, broccoli and Green Tea for reducing risk and treatment of Colorectal Cancer httpss:// — Angela J. White (@50Plushealths) January 20, 2016

New Research on Green Tea

Check out some new research on Green Tea. Try Herbal Republic Sencha Special for some healthy beverage today. What new research says about the benefits of green tea: httpss:// #healthnews — alive magazine (@aliveHealth) January 20, 2016

Tea and Food Pairing

Found this interesting very helpful in guiding how to pair food with tea. A must try. Today is #NationalCheeseLoversDay Have you ever thought of pairing a Keemun Tea with a Blue Cheese? Ever tried it? — Tea Assoc Canada (@CanadaTea) January 20, 2016