Soil Depletion in Tea Fields

  One of the most overlooked aspects of agricultural sustainability, but nonetheless one of the most important, is that of soil depletion. Across the world, fields are being forced to produce more than they can naturally sustain over an extended period. Soil depletion, caused by the irresponsible overuse of farmland, threatens the future of the […]

Darjeeling Makaibari

  There are as many different kinds of tea drinkers in the world as there are people. With endless variations of lifestyles, tastes, and preferences, it is inevitable that certain types of tea drinkers will gravitate to certain types of teas more than others. For the health conscious who drink tea as a replacement for […]

Hibiscus Herb Tea

    Some teas are so simple that their simplicity alone can be truly delicious and surprising. Meet the Herbal Republic Hibiscus Herb tea. The ingredient list on this caffeine-free herbal tea is one item long: pure hibiscus. Perfectly suited for the warmer weather of spring and summer, the Hibiscus Herb tea is ideal for […]

Why Our Enviroment Matters For Tea Drinkers

            A couple of weeks ago, the world got together to celebrate Earth Day, a day used to commemorate the beauty of our planet and to promote the preservation of its ecosystems and wildlife. Around the world, millions of people renewed their promises to take care of the planet we […]

Storing Matcha Tea

A few weeks ago, we published a blog post outlining the differences between our matcha tea sets. Matcha tea is one of the most historically rooted ways of drinking tea, and in many ways has remained unchanged for centuries. Matcha is the only type of tea with which the leaves are consumed directly, making it […]

Building a Tea Collection Part 3

    In part 2 of our 5 part series on building a tea collection, we discussed why any tea collection should always be built around personal tastes and enjoyment, and not on the preferences and advice of others. In tea collecting, collecting only what you like to drink is extremely important. The entire point […]