Plant Chamomile in the Garden

Plant some Chamomile flowers in the garden and make fresh tea.

Goji Berry and Ginger Tea Recipe

A wonderful warming tea recipe.

Loose Leaf or Tea Bags

Good information in this article why you should choose loose leaf tea. Herbal Republic Tea bags are bagged with our whole leaf teas, a unique product, full of health benefits and convenience.

Composting Tea Bags

A good article on which tea bags compost and which do not. Check out Herbal Republic’s compostable tea bags. Whole leaf tea packaged by Herbal Republic in compostable single serve bags. Gardening Know How – Composting Tea Bags: Can I Put Tea Bags In The Garden? By Amy Grant Many of us enjoy coffee […]

Good Morning Darjeeling

A beautiful photo of the Darjeeling region in India Living on Mountains of Tea, Darjeeling, India | Photography by ©Daniel Peckham — Piclogy (@Piclogy) February 12, 2016

Welsh Cakes for Tea Time

A recipe for Welsh Cakes with Tea Time. Your new excuse to implement tea time: — Food & Wine magazine (@foodandwine) February 11, 2016