Books are Better with Tea

Great idea. “Books are better with a cup of tea.”―C.S. Lewis. What is your favorite book to read with a cup of tea? #TeaTime — Tea Time Magazine (@TeaTimeMag) February 22, 2016

Assam Picking

A picker in Assam region in  India.  

Best Teas for your Health

A good article on some of the health benefits of tea.

Canada’s Tea Habit.

Canadians drink 7 billion cups of tea a year.

Teas from India and Sri Lanka

A good read on the different regions of India and Sri Lanka and the teas they produce.

Feels Like a Matcha Day

Here is a Matcha Latte recipe to get you started.  Enjoy the day.   MATCHA LATTE Take one teaspoon of matcha and add a little water to mix the matcha well.  Then add water to fill the bottom of the matcha bowl. Whisk this into a frothy blend and pour into a latte cup. Add […]