Organic Matcha

Herbal Republic 80g Organic Matcha is available at London Drug.

A Daily Cup of Tea for your Heart

How much tea should you drink for healthy heart? A daily cup of #tea may soothe your #heart — Medical Xpress (@medical_xpress) March 1, 2016

Tea Kit Treatment

Whatever the weather where you are, make it a Tea Kit day, five of our top selling flavours giving you 60g of Whole Leaf Tea with 30 compostable filters for the convenience of a tea bag.

Herbal Healing Teas

Try Ginger Fresh, Camillo and Herbal Chai as some of our Herbal Teas.

Yet another reason to drink Tea

More research on why Tea is so good for you. Yet another reason to drink black #tea: #hypertension — Life Extension (@LifeExtension) March 1, 2016

Strawberry Mint

From fresh Strawberries and Mint To our Strawberry Mint Tea